Safety Guide


The CIA taught us to always carry a “dummy wallet” or change purse in a different pocket than where we keep our wallet or purse, and be prepared to give that to anyone who is trying to rob you. Keep about $50 worth of currency in the dummy wallet (it can be a combination of US dollars and the local currency), so that a would-be assailant will feel that they got some money out of you without you having to give up the bulk of your cash, credit cards and drivers license. If you are accosted for money, let the assailant know that you want to live, that you don't want him to harm you, and that you have money to give him. Slowly make a grand gesture of getting the dummy wallet out of your pocket and tossing it toward the assailant's shoes so that his gaze is directed downwards and he takes his eyes off of you. The minute they look down, you run like crazy.