Safety Guide

Airport or Train/Bus Stations:

Limit your conversations and how much information you share. Even though the chances might be small of you coming into proximity with someone dangerous, the simple fact is that in this day and age you never know who really is around you. Much of these suggestions for your personal security depend on your own tolerance for risk. Some of you may have no qualms about sharing much personal and travel-related information, while others may not want to share a single detail. Regardless, you should be careful about divulging information such as where you are traveling, where you will be staying, how long you will be staying, and what you plan to do when you get there. If you are engaged in conversation on a shuttle, in the concourse, or on the plane, only offer the least amount of information possible until you can discern whether the person you are speaking with is trustworthy. It is just fine to speak in vague generalities or say that a travel company put together your itinerary and they will be meeting you when you land, or that you have friends there who will be taking you around, etc. Use your gut instinct and intuition when speaking with strangers to guide you on if and how much to share.